F-14 VF-84 "Jolly Rogers" Skull and Crossbones Livery

                  VF-84 "Jolly Rogers" Skull and Crossbones

VF-84 nicknamed the Jolly Rogers was a US Navy fighter squadron, famous for its involvement in the 1980 movie The Final Countdown. It was de-established in 1995, however VF-103 adopted the name and livery of VF-84. This livery has already been requested on the F-18, however I believe it looks much better on the F-14. Hopefully this awesome livery can be applied to the Tomcat!

The Jolly Ranchers are certainly an awesome squadron, always liked their liveries!


Thats technically echo from planes :D

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You know you getting my vote haha anything military I am for.

I watched Planes the movie recently for the nostalgia, and I realised they named the Navy Squadron in that movie The Jolly ‘Wrenches’. I thought that was pretty funny.


Now you got me curious and I have to watch it….