F-14 Tomcat | Top Gun Day Cinematic Tribute

Hey everyone!

Top Gun (1986) was a huge influence on my childhood. It was one of the first aviation films I ever saw and has stuck with me since. I instantly fell in love with the action and the story. Not to mention the F-14 Tomcats in the film. The F-14 is still my favorite military aircraft to have ever existed. And the Swept back wings just adds to that.

Last month was the Top Gun day celebration across the planet. Everyone showed their love for the film in various ways. I thought I’d do my part and make a tribute to not just the film but also the wonderful jet that made it so much more.

So here’s my Tribute to the legendary F-14 Tomcat. I took her for a spin from Lukla and around the Himalayas for a quick flight.

Enjoy the video! Let me know your thoughts on the F-14!

Server: Training Server
Aircraft: F-14 Tomcat
Airport: Lukla (VNLK)
Flight Date: May 13th, 2020

F-14 Tomcat | Cinematic Tribute


Great camerawork, but I felt that the 80s music the original used might’ve been a better fit. Regardless, I think it was a good effort.


Great video, gotta love those camera angles, and the F-14!

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Believe me when I say I wanted to use the original soundtrack! It is the only peice of music that will fit! However, I couldn’t use it and it not become a copyright violation…

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Thanks! She really is a Beautiful craft!

Aw, that’s a shame.

Maybe get a song from the album “Defender Of The Fleet” by Meteor? They made it for the DCS F-14, and it fits the vibe very well. Obviously, don’t change your current vid, but it’s cool music anyway.

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I’ll have a look at the album. Thanks for the recommendation!

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