F-14 rework

Note: This topic is about the full rework of the F-14, it should not be the same as the following topic:

Information about this aircraft:

  1. The F-14 Tomcat is a U.S. two-seat, variable wing fighter aircraft. It entered service in 1974 and became the world’s most successful fighter aircraft with variable-sweep wing until the retirement in 2006.
  2. Currently, the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force is the sole remaining air force to use the F-14 Tomcat. The F-14 Tomcat operated by the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force retirement date is unknown.
    More information about the F-14 Tomcat:

Reason for requesting this aircraft rework:
This plane has never been touched since it has been released in 2013, lacks of many features introduced after the global update. The following features are missing:

  1. It lacks of many animated parts, including working instruments, wing flex and animated canopy just like the A-10.
  2. The flaps sound should be different from all the airliners, it should be like the A-10.
  3. It doesn’t have the animated pilots with animated visor.
  4. It lacks a lot of liveries. More liveries should be added to the F-14.
  5. The flaps and the swing wing should not work at the same time. When adjusting the flaps, the wings should not be moved backwards. The swing wing tap should be added after the F-14 has been fully reworked.
    Bonus video

Why is this not gaining more traction! This baby deserves so much more respect! I just removed a vote and cast it here because she needs the love. By far my favorite aircraft to fly!

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Here’s some livery ideas for the F 14

Nice to have more information about the F-14 to remodel with full details.

Join Army va XD

Well this hasn’t been bumped in a long time… Although there aren’t many liveries (only US Navy and Iranian Air Force from various periods), as all the military (except the KC-10), this desperately needs a rework. Imagine having realistic wing swing 😍

This would be cool to see reworked, but it would take a pretty long time to not only render it correctly, but get real F-14 pilots to “feel” the controls, high AoA behavior, and more. Shouldn’t be too hard; the airplane was only retired from the USN 15 years ago.

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also it still flies for Iran and supposedly the US can get some data from them…

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Speaking of the F-14:

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