F-14 Physics

I have recently flown the f-14, and have noticed an unexpected movement. When you are going 1000 knots and jerk up on the controls, the plane quickly noses up maybe 15 degrees and then stops angling up and turns into a dart going down. This all happens at 15 degrees. Can someone explain the physics of this? Another thing is sometimes when you turn during the maneuver described above, it starts rolling extremely fast. Please explain the physics of this.

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Same thing here, it should be a known issue with the fighters. The F22 is a bit better in terms of high speed flying.

yup this issue is because of the high speed you were flying at and yup this is a known issue as stated above.

I wouldn’t really say this is an issue.

If you go 1000kts and jerk back on the controls then you would probably cause the aircraft to break up as you would be pulling some serious g force in excess of 100G.

The max they can really pull is around 9G however that is more a human limitation.

So if you fly within what you could survive the F14 isn’t too bad even though it’s an older model.


When I’m flying low and fast in the fighter jets, the plane does start rocking up and down sometimes.

I’m not trying to complain, just saying, it does happen to me.


That’s as sensitivity of controls increases as you fly at faster airspeeds. As more air is going over the control surfaces. Just requires steady hands.

Mach 1 at ground level will feel different from Mach 1 at altitude.

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This statement is very true, and the fact that very high speeds aren’t actually allowed cause even in IRL it would break up the aircraft itself, so yeah what Adam said above that’s the relatability to the F-14 physics.


I understand. Thanks for the help!

Seems similar to how a “snap roll” occurs. One wing stalls in high AoA conditions and the other keeps on lifting, causing an accelerated roll. Having flown Heatblur’s Tomcat, that’s definitely not how it works. You’d be dead if you decided to pull 100g 😂

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