F-14 operational cost

does anyone here know how much does it cost to fly a F-14 for 1 hour in real life? Cause I try to google it but it’s not shown.

“The F-14 is currently the most expensive aircraft to operate in the Navy inventory, requiring 40 to 60 maintenance manhours per flight hour.”



I don’t know fuel costs etc (and those obviously fluctuate, anyway), but it’s certainly far from the most efficient plane in the arsenal.

But the way appropriations work, Congressmen who want to get re-elected need to keep any production which occurs in their district funded, despite the existence of more efficient (and possibly effective) aircraft.

Note: I make no claim to personal experience with military aircraft operations. I’m sure someone here is bound to fly this plane, probably loves it, and I’m in no position to argue with them over specifics. I only know that its proliferation/usage/etc is based more on politics than perhaps it should be.

It isn’t unique in that aspect. See: the money spent on the development of the F-35.

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I had a look on the interwebs for you. I wasnt able to find statistics for the F-14, but I was able to find that the F/A-18 Super Hornet has roughly 45-50% of the running costs of an F-14. A Super Hornet costs about $17,000 per flight hour to operate. Using these two pieces of information we can estimate the running costs of the F-14 to be somewhere between $35,000 and $40,000 per flight hour.

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