f-14 gates restrictions

Does fighters have any limitation at all? I found that I can spawn in the GA ramp.

The limitations are for size restrictions, I don’t see why an F14 wouldn’t be allowed to park at a GA spot.

When choosing the size of gates to add when airport editing which I believe is the source of the gate restriction feature,

There are 6 categories of gates sizes that fit specific aircraft:



In summary,
The F-14, F-16, F/A 18, F-22 and Spitfire will always be unrestricted

But the A-10 requires a B size gate, so the A-10 may be restricted at times…

Hope that helps!

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This is, I believe, perhaps a starting point (I have no inside info, just using my inductive skills as best I can).

They probably had the option to decide “do we go through every airport in the world and set the gate to the exact planes that park there, or do we start with a good start based on general size and improve upon it in future releases?”

Updating every gate to be based solely on real-life models at every airport could be an update unto itself, it’s such a large task. So, you start by restricting by general size, maybe leaving a little wiggle room. It takes care of the major issue without too much fuss, even if it doesn’t fully satisfy Home-Airport Syndrome yet.

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