F-14 extended range

Guys, I have extended the range of F-14 from 1600 Nmi to 2000+nmi!! Obviously I love it, let me know if you guys want to know more details :D

Can you elaborate a little more on what you’re talking about?
For example, are you talking about IF or IRL?

ofc is IF, F-14 had retired from US military anyway. I am just happy that found a way to fly farther.

Good that u found a better method!

On a side note do u think this post is needed?

IDK, I just post it up and see if any F-14 players are interested.

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I’m interested. I love the F-14.

Wouldn’t it be better to simply post the steps while you’re at it? 😂 On the side note I would be interested in increasing the range on such an incredible fighter aircraft that is the face of 80s naval aviation (cough cough top gun cough) I would imagine it has something to do with selecting the tanks options in liveries but I could be wrong.

@Avgeekproductions @Evan_Westcott
Alright here it is, I might also make a video so it’s more cleared
start from ground: you only start 1 engine and taxi to runway.
before takeoff you start the second engine, flaps 10 rotate around 130 KIAS, throttle 80%
retract flaps 10 to flaps 5 before 225 KIAS, retract gear before 280 KIAS, and retract flaps 5 to 0
immediately after you retract everything, turn off one of the engine. and climb at takeoff thrust.
Cruise: set FL360 and 70% thrust.
descend: when around 155 nmi to destination, throttle to idle and wait for 270 KIAS and maintain that speed using pitch.
landing: 135 KIAS as reference speed.

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Thanks for that. Also I do wonder if selecting the aux tanks livery does anything. Too bad Im in the middle of a flight from KRDU to EIDW lol.

Nope. I tried. But for the sake of realism, F-14 can only carry 16000 lb of fuel internally, the other 4000 lb is from external drop tanks. So when I load up more than 16000 lb of fuel, I select the tank load out.

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