F-14 Engine Upgrade

So as we are waiting for a rework for the F/A-18, I came up with an improvement that could make the Grumman F-14 more powerful. That is to throw F-110 into F-14. The current TF-30 is a OK engine, but it’s an old engine. I was wondering if FDS could throw two F-16C’s engines in which would make the F-14 fly farther and more efficiently.



But then it wouldn’t really be an F-14, would it?


No it would be. The airplane is kind of old. So a new engine is something they totally do in real life. Not with the F-14 but with other aircraft. I think adding a new engine would enhance the performance of the F-14. so it wouldn’t turn it into a whole new plane.

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That’s the engine used by F-14B and F-14D


Oh. I knew they changed engines, I just didn’t know they did on the F-14.

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Great job! You have read 3k posts. You are now TL2.

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Why do you believe the current F-14 in the app is not already a B or D variant?

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Infinite Flight is meant to be realistic. This would not be realistic. If you had of asked to make the thrust on the F-14 more realistic, that would be fine. But as you have asked to change the engine physics and make the F-14 less realistic all together, this will most likely not happen. Great idea nevertheless.

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Even though the F14 is my favorite aircraft of all time! I will not vote for this. As others have stated, placing engines that do not belong, would make no sense. Why not put T56 on a dash 8? Or place some warp drive in the CRJ . It would make no sense lol.

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The F14 was retired IRL due to deck cycles being reached on all airframes not power plant/range/endurance issues.

I had the luck to fly one and it was an awesome experience if something of a flying brick! Shame to see it go but that’s progress. Chucking uprated engines into old airframes rarely has the expected outcome.

Leave the game version as is IMHO.


I think there’s some confusion here. As I read his feature request. He’s asking for the original TF-30 engine to be replaced with the F-110. In the app we have a VF-35 “Fighting Swordsmen” livery. They got the upgrade to the F-110 engine making them the B variant in 1998. I have always assumed that the F-14 already had the F-110 engine. It’s already faster than is realistic at low to mid altitudes. But thanks for making the feature request. I like the way you think we can never have too much power. :)


But F-14B and F-14D used this engine

I think it’s still TF-30 since it’s fuel burn is higher compare to F-16C in IF. Unless F-16C is using F-100.

That’s a clever thought. So you’re saying if the F-16 and the F-14 with only one engine running have the same fuel flow rate for a given N1% it would be evedence that they are using the same engine. … If you get a chance @ERAU_Hatsune try it out and let me know. I’ll be impressed if FDS built this level of detail in to the simulation. The F-14 in IF is able to fly the 1600nm ferry range the F-14D is rated for. If you fly at Mach 2.2 🔥🔥🛫. So this whole descusion is moot because the simulatoion just isn’t that accurate in many ways. But it’s still lots of fun :)

Yes. at idle F-14 burn 3331ib/hr, and F-16c burns about 1200 ib/hr, which is not doubled.

I figured it out that F-16 in IF has F100 and F-14 has F110 after some calculations. So this feature is already in IF.