F-14 Cockpit Views Missing

Device: iPhone 12 Pro Max
Operating system: iOS 15.5

Hello! I just went to spawn in the F-14 Tomcat a few different times and could not find the Pilot/Cockpit Camera Views any more (the only way I fly it too). The one thing I have not done yet is re-install IF. Any help would be appreciated!

This could be for 2 reasons. The F-14 (correct me if I am wrong) is a legacy aircraft. In the last update the 767 had its cockpit removed. This is likely do to that. And if you want somewhat of a fix use one of the interior drones and nagvigate to the area in the cockpit you want.

HI there! The F-14 is considered a legacy aircraft in the Infinite Flight fleet which means it doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles that newer aircrafts do such as live cockpit or high quality textures. If you feel strongly about it you should vote for a rework in the thread I’ve linked below.

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