F-14/22 Touch Down

I don’t know how many of you have experienced this but when I land my f 14c or f-22, after the nose gear touches down, the plane starts tilt sideways mostly on the left. Applying brake solves this problem but prevents a smooth landing. This also happens sometime during take offs as well where the plane starts to roll sideways. Can anyone give me solution of this problem…?

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It takes a little extra practice to stick landing those planes. The trick is in timing your flare and reducing speed just right. I just set the brakes before I touch down and hold the nose wheel up as long as possible. Works every time now.


As David said, it really just takes practice. With the f22, I find a high flare to be most effective. Hold the nose up until you slow a bit, slowly lower, apply brakes. Also check your crosswind these planes are highly affected by winds at lower speeds.

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