F-117s still getting flight hours.

Saw this article on my FB feed. This airframe was by far my original love. It was the most advanced tech we had at the time of its launch into service. This is just more proof that you can not keep the good ones down. Wonder what they are doing with all that tech?


They’re probably going to salvage it for newer planes.

Wow this plane looks so cool. Totally different than other stealth planes. They’ll probably use the F-117s to test newer tech to advance stealth technology (just a guess)

Likely, I can’t imagine all those capabilities going to waste. Maybe they will use them for the F-15X🤷‍♂️ lol.

Some video of the radio

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On July 26 2018 a video popped up of several F-117 Nighthawk flying at the Tonopah Test area. A clear video shows a F-117 flying.

What’s your thoughts on it?

Can’t contain their will to fly it seems!


I can’t tell you how awesome it is knowing my first love for military aviation is still flying kicking butt.

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Right?! Wonder what they’re testing

The F-117 clearly 😂. But more than likely super secrect squirrel stuff.

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What if it’s the F-117X?!

Don’t you play with my emotions like that lol.

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