F-111 blows out windows of tower

"Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full"


Is that not how everyone opens their window? That’s how I open mine. Great alarm clock. Here’s the link to the Fighter Jet Window Opening WakeUp Service I use ([link] (http://dontclick.com))


Music to my ears


When you go mach 1 near the tower. At least they didn’t get hurt from flying glass.

That should be a meme.

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Someone make it a gif

I would not recommend doing that.

That is in Australia

I was thinking Russian from the accent…

Evens head is in Australia and in New South Whales and I have been there

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Who pays for it I wonder? Military, pilot, or the controller who granted an excellent flyby?

haha nice!

It’s a bombing range I’ve been to where this video has been filmed

Nice. My grandparents lived outside of Eglin Air Force base here in the states. I always enjoyed military plane spotting during my stay. I’ve never witnessed that high a speed low flyby before. I wish.

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Wow, it went over so fast! And loudly lol.

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Australians does anybody remember the f-111 cause I do

Hey, its the Aardvark! That’s the word after the F-111.

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They were starting to phase those out when I got to RAF Lakenheath. Replaced them with the F-15, but you can’t beat the Aardvark. One massive aircraft.

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500knots jet vs windows challenge😃


Back in the day, even when something as cool as this happened, no one used extremely click bait titles on their videos.