EZYVA Berlin to Vienna A320

This is my a320 flight from EDDT TO LOWW
cruise 32,000 Feet
Callsign: EZYVA513
Parked in Berlin and boarding

Lined up and ready to go

Rotate and takeoff at 26R!

Turning towards Austria

Cruise at 32,000 and 0.77 Mach

Decent into LOWW

Go around!

Back on final again!
APPR landing on RW34

Taxi to parking

I hope you enjoyed. Let me know which ones you liked in particular and let me know if I did something wrong 😁


Even if your photos are un-edited, I still think they are of high quality.
Keep the good work up! 👍🏻
P.s. I like the 4th shot most


Thanks I rly appreciate it,

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Well Done! Probably my favorite photos that are raw… and ps. never knew Easy Jet Wing Angle are so cool!

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Awesome photos! EZYVA sure is a great VA to be part of!


Yes ikr, Greta community

Thanks plexi!

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i’m wondering why almost no one ever flies to my hometown… (it is EDDT btw)


really nice pics

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Nice pics, I thought Gatwick only use 26R for emergencies?

Nah it was Berlin.it Just had the same runway numbers and a similar configuration. Except Berlin has its emergency runway on the other side it wasn’t Gatwick

Thanks. I’m glad u enjoyed them

😂 I like the airport tho

Great ones!

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Ah, roger. My apologies aha. Happy flighting

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Don’t worry I’ll fly there soon. Remind me 2 do that 1 month from now.

Lovely pictures and very nice choice of scenery

Is that even a word?

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Yep, it’s from Come Fly With Me, sadly it got cancelled.


Nice to still see someone who has the 'orange spirit’. Brilliant pictures! 😊


Thanks Ondrejj!

Amazing pictures! Glad to have you with us 😁

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