EZY8706, Trouble On Board But Not From Passengers...

News: EasyJet passenger says cabin crew forced aborted landing because they were ‘mucking about’.

A SHOCKED passenger with British airline easyJet claims her flight home was forced to abort landing because the cabin crew were too busy “having a party”.

The Sun Online reports the traveller — who did not want to be named — said the cabin manager spent the flight eating in the galley, warming up croissants and looking at pictures on her phone.

When it came to landing at Gatwick last Friday the mum said the pilot was forced to tell those on board cabin crew weren’t ready.
Speaking to the Sun Online she said: “It was unbelievable — like something out of a Carry On film.

“When the pilot announced 15 minutes to landing they were all running about like headless chickens, trying to prepare the cabin.

“It put the customers through a terrifying few minutes thinking that there was something wrong with the plane.

“The pilot then had to say it was because the cabin crew weren’t ready. They obviously hadn’t finished all their checks in time. They were still standing up when it came into land.”

The shocked witness said she would never fly easyJet again after it left her “already terrified of flying eight-year-old now even more terrified”.

She added: “She was hysterical.

“There was one young member of staff who was trying her best.

JasyJet told the SunOnline: “easyJet can confirm that EZY8706 from Tenerife to London Gatwick on 13 January performed a routine ‘go around’ on landing as the cabin could not be secured in time. #like4like @crew.room


Tell me your reactions about this. I’m curious to see.

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Cabin Crew should of lost their jobs or sent for re-training.


Good old EasyJet, typical, quite alarming if you ask me

Budget airlines at its finest

Reminds me of Spirit. Haha!

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The sun?

Why are you getting your news from there?

Just a go around. Why do people need to over react about all this.

That’s not what matters. Just tell me your reaction. That’s all :)

The sun are known for exaggerating news stories for money, wouldn’t trust all of what they say.

That is my reaction.

And the Sun (newpaper) does matter in this. They over react to things and it affects how people interpret the story. Also who on this forum does not like Go arounds, more flying for your money.

I’m sorry for bring up the Sun , but I hate how these tabloid newspapers overreact to every minor thing that happens to do with aircraft.


Although this may well have happened, The Sun is an extremely unreliable source.

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