EZY8569 Gatwick - Barcelona

Hey hey! Here’s some screenshots from my flight to Barcelona.

Route: EGKK - LEBL
Flight no’: EZY8569
Aircraft: A320
Duration: 1H 43M
Server: Expert

P.1 Departing out of Gatwick

P.2 Turning left to the south, SPD,ALT,VS - ON

P.3 Cruising, Time for a dinner ;)

P.4 Another angle.

P.5 Descending to Barcelona - Enjoying the view before we go manual.

P.6 Gear Down!

P.7 Ready for landing

P.8 seconds before touchdown, Vueling A320 holding short over there

P.9 Preparing for the flight back to London, Gatwick

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That first shot is incredible! Well done.


All of them are my favourite! Love them all


@anon36354988 Thank you!!:) it means a lot! Can’t wait either. This livery will look lit on sunset screenshots.
@Shane That one was the one I worked most on;) altough there is a lot of editing, I tried to keep it simple yet beautifull and stunning, thank you!
@easyWig Thanks captain!


Ah, Barcelona, a beautiful Spanish city at the shores of the Mediterranean sea. Also, LEBL is a marvellous airport to spot at.
Picture 5 is my favourite.

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I really love these screenshots, you’re truly a professionnal bro !! I can’t wait for you to share us some shots with the current one, I’m sure they’ll be even better and very well represented ! @MADCAT

@easyWig thank you for your like and my previous comment ^^

I can’t wait to see y’all future shots ! 🍊🍊✈️


I’m from Barcelona and I can tell, it’s a very good airport to go planespotting at (at least pre-covid). I’m glad to see it again on the IFATC Schedule (sunday it will be available).


Nice screenshots!

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@Sturmovik it sure is a beautiful city!
@anon36354988 More shots to come mate :)
@NorAviator97 Thx!