Eye of Africa

Eye of Africa or Richat structure is geological phenomen located in Mauritanian Sahara with diameter of 25 mi.


Route:GABS(Bamoko Senou,Mali) - GCLP(Gran Canaria,Spain)

Plane,livery:CRJ 1000,BCVA(Binter Canarias)



Wow a good catch! I want to find the UTA flight 772 memorial somewhere in Niger.

Looks like one photo hasn’t uploaded…

Nonetheless, love the scenery, great pics!


There we go:)

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Great shots (and find), especially like the flight deck one (quoted above), which looks really realistic! Well done, thanks for sharing!

wow a real GO PRO inside of infinite flight smart
that title is almost close to what Flight meets the Eye

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Wow! Love the photos!