Exynos lags

I don’t think that I have problem with my phone because in others games everything is perfect. Maybe you use something like clean master, or you now some way to solve this problem? Which settings do you use?

I keep my settings standard, and I do not use cleanmaster

Which resolution you use?

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It looks like that it is not a problem with every Exynos processor. I have heard about some issues with the S8/+ and Note 8, as well as this phone here. It’s better if we wait for a word from Schyllberg. A problem might be that these devices use the Snapdragon processors in the US, where most devs are based in.

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The standard, 2,220 x 1,080

speak of the devil, Seb has arrived 😂

I can’t say i have heard anything like this before. Not in the severe way it is described at least.

Most of the CRJ/A320 issues that used to be have improved quite a lot, and there are only a very few users still left with those issues… and it’s not device specific.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this topic all the time, especially since Kirill emailed me earlier.


And what about graphics settings?

Medium for all

Ok, it can be a reason because I use high settings

Try medium, see how it goes.

It’s looks better, it’s still doesn’t look like perfect 60fps, but I already can play and live with it. So what device can handle high settings if S9+ have problem with it

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Im not sure, my device is an A8+ and can just about handle high settings…

Try this guide handily made by @Kirito_77.

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The S9+ should definitely be able to run IF at the highest settings smoothly. Laura (Infinite Flight’s CEO) uses the S9+ and according to some Instagram posts, it does not have any problems with IF. But on the other hand, she is using the Exynos version…

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Honestly, turn limit frame rate on.
It usually works fine for a limited time, but it’s a true performance eater in Infinite Flight. Especially on Samsung & Android due to it’s aggressive CPU throttling.

With frame rate limit IF work laggy, without it everything except a320 and crj work perfect

I can play with highest settings when I use other planes, but not with a320 and crj. I have exynos version too

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