Exynos lags

Hi, I bought IF and pro subscription for month today, but when I started to play I saw a lot of lags in a320 and crj cockpits. I have galaxy s9+ with exynos and 128gb. With others planes everything is ok. I play with all setting on high. On medium I still have lags in a320 and crj.

I would recommend looking at this here for assistance with your device. See if the Approach helps:

Hi Kirill,
Do you have the performance mode activated on your device? Also, does this only happen in areas with high traffic?

Yes performance mode is active. No it happen when I am in solo mode and when I am in online

It’s better now after this instruction, but it’s still far from perfect. Now I have less lags but still it’s uncomfortable to play from cockpit of crj and a320.

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Just a few more things, do you have Limit Frame Rate enabled in your settings? Is this any different with Anti-Aliasing disabled? Also be sure to restart your device and test this again to see if this issue improves or is resolved.

Limit frame rate disabled. Without anti-aliasing it works better. I found that without hud it works better, but still I have lags. And I found that without full screen mode (from game launcher) it works better too but without this mode I have large black zones on the sides of screen. It’s still uncomfortable to play from cockpit. On 737 for example, it work really good with all graphics settings on max, so I don’t understand why with S9+ I have perfomance problems on crj and a320.

Try turning on limit frame rate, that a lot of the times reduces lag.

Take a look here :) Many people have/had lag in the A320/CRJ I hope this wil answer most of your problems. Staff is working on the problems!

I checked this, but i still have lags in crj and a320. Turning on limit frame doesn’t help. It make it more laggy. Maybe it’s because of pilots models in cockpit

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No I dont think so. But staff is working on it :)

So until next update I can’t use a320 and crj. Really sad, because a320 one of the best planes in IF

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I dont know but I never have isues with the CRJ or A320.

Which device you use?

iPad pro 12.9 it works great with IF :D

What if you turned off antialiasing? (If it is on.)

It’s already off

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This is slightly unusual. Do you mean that the lag makes it unplayable with these aircraft?
I use a Pixel 2XL and have only the slightest frame rate drops, and my phone uses an older processor. Perhaps this is an issue with the Exynos chips compatibility?

Maybe, but in other games (like world of tanks) everything work really good with 60fps and all settings on max. And in IF with other planes everything is work good too with all settings on max. So I think that it’s something with crj and a320

I have an Exynos 7885 and IF works fine with these aircraft.