Extremely unprofessional behaviour on expert server

Yes, I know, here we go AGAIN
I have just landed in MMMX and just could not hold it anymore. I have witnessed way too many unprofessional behaviours recently.

Mr. Testflight, taxing through me and taking off from the wrong runway, directly opposite traffic. WOW

As you can see the cathay 777 is landing on runway 23 as instructed by approach, but this Test flight guy decides to start his takeoff roll on runway 05L, directly opposite traffic

You think it couldn’t get worse, eh?

That cathay dude decides to storm through the taxiway at 34 knots and crossing the runway when the test flight is taking off. I mean maybe check your map or look around your plane?

Oh yeah entering the gate at 25 knots, what a brilliant pilot.

Finally, I just wanna say something.

  • We need a better “expert server”, not bunch of 60hrs pilots who just managed to pass the grade 3 requirement.
  • The report button to work again, but only for qualified pilots/ pilots with experience/ grade 4,5 pilots
  • If you are going to mess around and enter the gate at 25 knots, please may I ask you to return to training server
  • If you don’t know how to use the ATC, or don’t know how to land without stalling, go check some tutorials
  • All my angers come from not only this incident

I’m with you 100%. There needs to another, even higher server or, a completely redone expert sever.


I notice most of the unprofessional pilots are the ones with <200 hours flight time, not linked to any community accounts.


Oh yes more! I have tons in my camera roll


Well unfortunately that is the expert server. There is just a lot of pilots that are inexperienced are either just like messing around, there is nothing you can do about it.


^ … fr we need a advanced expert server. I can’t stand the unrealistic pilots.


comical to say the least. Some of the grade 3 requirements should be increased. e.g flight time


You can make it harder to get in. That you need more flight time for example.

We could extend this very far as there always are people that don’t care about the traffic flow and others at an uncontrolled Airport. We could set higher requirements for the exper server but this would also lead to less traffic and also many people that behave professional but don’t have the time to get G4 or G5. Also even an G4 or G5 pilot can be such an I**** as the Grade doesn’t represent if some one has the knowledge or not


Ik, that could be implemented into IF.

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I would rather fly with less traffic. Then that people taxi straight trough me. Grades indeed doesn’t represent your skills. Flight time / landings does.


Nah, that does not make you a better pilot. Only real way to enhance the experience is by having more pilots who can report, but underdover, and to have everyone on expert link his/her IFC profile. There is also a big need of a rule book for expert which clearly explains ALL rules on expert and how to behave. Reading this should be mandatory.


People can just skip the reading part. Reading won’t make you a better pilot in my opinion. Having enough landings and flight hours does. Because you build up experience.

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Most important: enforce the rules! Like in real life. You need to wait at a red light even when there is no other car, if you go an get caught you have a problem because you violated the law. Perfect IF example for this one is flying at an uncontrolled field: you could do whatever but should stick to the rules. We need someone to enforce the rules even when not visible to everyone. Like undercover police.

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Yeah I agree totally with you mate, and we need a thing too. The devs needs take it off the option for hide the name of the IFC, because a lot of people hide their names to disturb random flights, and we can’t report on IFC because we don’t have the name of them


There’s no way you can enforce that on thousands of pilots. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ No idea how that’s gonna work out. If u let everyone get access to report eachother. I can tell you that the appeals won’t like that 😂

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Not saying that. Saying that we need some undercover reporters that you always know there could be someone watching when taking off from the gate.

This will most likely never happen. There is a reason only staff, IFATC and a few select people have access to it. People trying to police the server is a very very hard thing to control. For instance I pilot could be at grade 5 but can still just report Willy nilly because they feel like it.


There used to be a server with really high requirements but it wasn’t populated well so it took the fun away.


We had this conversation here in the IFC alreadyany times. Even Flighttime and Landings don’t represent any skills.

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