Extremely turbulence!

This is why i flying to the Atlanta On Delta Airlines Boeing 737-900
After I Taking off on salt lake city


The reflection caused by the clouds is just awesome :)

Yeah because of strong wings or anything like thunderclouds

How strong were the winds? My guess is 70-80 knots

Actually it over 190+ Knots of winds and getting a extreme!

That’s was Crazy and epic

Woah… With that much wind I bet you were flying over the Midwest 😂

Yeah, Maybe i at Memphis or Joplin To get on Extreme turbulence

Lol the Siberian express is clearly making its way throughout many portion of N.A.

Yeah, i think I Leaving at dessert Winter Mountain Before it starting a moderate turbulence to go on extreme

What a crazy scary flight

You need to retake the photo to take the white box out thanks.

It would be nice to see a video showing the extreme turbulence it entails📽️
190 kts winds is on the high side, been a few with over 200kts

oh okay thanks

cant see the turbulence

You mind if I spice up your pictures a bit?

Well i was a yesterday I Flying On Middle of Memphis That’s why it getting a winds at 195 Knots

Yeah i actually put on fps i guess

I’ll pm you the new pics it’s gonna be Same but it’ll look differently

True, i think i do Europe next time at new year