Extremely long loading/wait times

Got home, tried to do a flight.
IF took a good 3 minutes to just start up and get to the Home Screen. Had to force the app to close so my Callsign would change. Airport maps wouldn’t load (No taxiways displayed on the gate selection). Took a solid 1 minute before the splash screen would even display after pressing ‘start flight’.

I’ve tried restarting my device, the app and freeing up storage. No, it’s not my wifi, so don’t come here and try be the first to say ‘Is YoUr CoNnEcTiOn GoOd?’. I’ve seen another 2 issues like this today, and it’s most likely a server-side issue.
EDIT: Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

We’re looking at it!


I had the same problem when loading my flight.

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Thanks for the lightning fast response as you always do Seb!

Cameron told me, so he deserves the credit :)

It’s the same issue we saw yesterday in case some of you saw that as well.


I don’t remember one yesterday, but I remember one earlier in the week? Have you identified the issue? If it’s the same one you experienced yesterday, I’m guessing it won’t take too long to fix?

The thing is, we didn’t fix it yesterday. It fixed itself and we could not find anything wrong.
We’re establishing contact with the service provider now.


Yes! I have experienced this issue many times

It is happening the same to me now! I have been waiting for 15 mins to load the flight but nothing happens. I say it just for IF staff to know about the issue. I am sure they will fix it! The home sreen says:
“It had been impossible to load your online account”
“Infinite Flight is experiencing issues”

😂😂😂 This made me laugh.

In all seriousness that stuff is the most annoying thing people can do

Have the fixes been rolled out yet? I’m still experiencing issues

See 12:07Z

I understand that, but it is currently 1227Z and I am still encountering issues.

Why do these issues keep coming back? Like there was the exact same issue around a week ago. Sorry if I sound aggressive, but it’s extremely annoying to always have the same issues. Is there any way you guys can fix this for good?


The devs are trying their best to fix the problem as soon as possible, i know, it could be really annoying sometimes and I understand your side.

Unfortunately, problems like this happens, it’s unpredictable, let’s imagine this scenario: they fixed a problem with a code or whatever they use, after some time, the same problem happens but with a different situation, for that other situation, it’s necessary another code, and then keep going.

It’s totally normal that servers sometimes are down, even YouTube, Twitch and all that have the same issue

Let’s hope they can fix this soon.

  1. It isn’t IF’s fault with these issues, the issue lays with the service provider for their servers.
  2. Server Breaks are generally impossible to avoid, they’re always going to happen.
  3. The reason for the above is because, while the issue we experience is the same, the cause is generally different every time.

The last thing we want are issues too, they’re not fun to work on for us either and we always try and fix them for good as soon as we catch them.

We’ve had some issues in the past few weeks related to the 20.2 release and a massive infrastructure change that happened behind the scenes. This morning’s issue we are investigating and implementing fixes so we can avoid it happening again, as well as steps to mitigate this sooner.

Thanks everyone for your patience


Thanks for the help Cam! This should clear it up for us! Always appreciate your assistance and help when issues arise!

No worries, I want this working as much as everyone :) This looks to be clearing up on our end now with some fixes I made, can you let me know if you can load in?