Extremely laggy Gameplay in 20.1

Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon I know there may have been many threads about this already but I will do it again due to the fact that it is so bad Update 20.1 Was amazing it brought the new 772 rework the 737 cockpit rework VNAV oceanic tracks and much more but it also brought Unplayable lag to the game to the point where it will freeze for 3 seconds and then crash I don’t know whether this is a Bug with the new update My device is A 64gb S8 as My IOS device is also unplayable due to the crashing it gets so laggy to the point where I can’t enjoy the new Update which I really want to is there anyone else having this issue and is there anyway I can resolve it I run it all on Low with Frame limiter on and no AA so sorry for making it again it is just so bad and I always restart and close all my apps before I use IF please Help

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Known issue. Devs are working on it.

Also the S8 is an old device so it can only run on low settings reliably.

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Thank You I get it is an older device but i have had it running at a constant 60FPS in 19.4 that’s why I made the thread Thanks For the response

Its likely that your device can’t handle the number of 777s currently on the server in terms of rendering all the live cockpits and animated parts, etc…

I know I Don’t render anything i never do i just want to get borderline playable FPS

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If you want to play reliably on an old device you may have to resort to flying on Solo or fly at non-busy airports.

I get it I know that part But I also know alot of friends having this issue so it is nice to know the Devs know about I will start flying on Solo from today

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Pretty much everyone is having lag issues right now - the devs are working hard to fix it.

Thank you I have no doubt about it!

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Just a quick heads up, please don’t put this down to just being “an old device that’s unplayable”. My pixel 2xl and razer phone both came out in 2017, the same year as the S8 and neither have had any issues running the simulator so far. I’m currently parked at EGLL TS1 which is absolutely packed and I’m seeing a stable FPS with very few frame drops. Everyone is suffering, new device or old device. There’s some optimisation to be had yet, so your S8 is far from too old.

Besides dropping the graphics, one of the best things to do would be to lower the number of aircraft on screen as pretty much every man and his dog is in a 777 at the moment…


Yep I have had A very Stable FPS just until this update I know it is a very capable device I just think the optimization could be a bit better

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