Extremely Frequent App Crash since iOS 15

I’ve been having App Crashes all the time since updating to iOS 15,many A times just as I’m launching the game,or while I’m on final approach after A long flight.
Device-iPhone 12 Pro Max,iOS 15.1

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Able to Reproduce-iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPad mini 5,iOS and iPadOS 15.1. For me as well,since updating to iOS 15,the game has been crashing almost all the time…☹️


The same thing happened to me using the iPad Air 4 with iPad Os 15, it’s really frustrating, specially after a long haul flight. I hope that we get a solution for this.

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I have noticed that there have been many issues with IOS 15, such as issues with certain apps like Spotify. I’m not sure the technical side of it, but apple is aware of the main issues. I do not think it’s an Infinite Flight issue, but I can’t be 100% sure. I hope that apple will issue a fix update soon. Until then, you might have to just deal with the crashes, no matter how annoying.

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Thank you all for the reports.
What we can tell you so far, is that we’re not seeing the app reporting any crashes. This normally means that it’s the operating system (iOS) killing off the application, not the app itself crashing due to a bug with the app.

We will however be keeping a very close eye on this and if we do discover that it’s something specifically with Infinite Flight that is causing this, we will take action as soon as we possibly can.


This is very likely a problem with IOS 15 because from my experience Infinite Flight is far from the only app having occasional problems.

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Yes,but on my device,IF is crashing MUCH more frequently for some reason…

iOS 15 has reported crashes and touch inputs not working across a variety of apps. It’s a known issue.

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