Extremely frequent app crash even after Hotfix!

Hello,my iPad has been constantly crashing at Manila even after the hotfix,I just don’t understand why?!!!
Device-iPad mini 5
Latest iOS software, all graphics were on low,with frame rate capped at 30fps and yet the device crashed!! I had also restarted it before the flight,and there’s plenty of storage still available….


Is anyone there??😅😅


Yea, I have this issue aswell with iPad 8 (same insides as mini 5) I already have a topic on this


Update:- My App Crashed at Brussels TOO! Even at the lowest settings…😩😩

Have you tried restarting the device and re-downloading IF?

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Tried both,didn’t work unfortunately.

the best graphics settings for an older/less capable device are:
Rendering quality: medium
3D: medium
Rendering resolution : high
Texture: high

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I was on all low graphics,and secondly I got this device just A year ago… has an A12 Bionic Chip which is pretty powerful,so I don’t think there should be an issue…

Okay,I will,Thanks!!

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