Extremely Blurry CRJ-200 Cockpit

I have noticed that when I fly the CRJ200 The cockpit is extremely blurry and low quality. I dont know if this is an issue with my device or if it has always been like that. Sorry if that is the way it is but I am just wondering

The CRJ200 is a very old aircraft in game. At present it isn’t up to the same standard as the other aircraft in game. It’s currently in the process of being reworked.


Sorry mate that is just how it is until the CRJ update comes out. Just stick with an A318 for now

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It is always like that. The Devs are reworking the CRJ now though, so it will have high definition cockpit. Even better, it is confirmed that passenger doors open!

The current CRJ is one of the oldest models in the sim. Don’t worry, it’s currently being reworked and the new one will be lovely.

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Ok thank you guys for the help


As noted, the current CRJ is one of the older models we have available to us. But we’re in luck as the CRJ rework is still in progress. And I must say, you’re gonna love it. The developers have really outdone themselves. Stay tuned!