Extreme Winds at KPHX

I’m am currently diverting from Phoenix headed up to Prescott Ernsett, the current METAR reads:

030@41G55 3SM

Come and see if you can land in these conditions

I would go, but I am currently doing a long haul. Great site to use to find airports with high winds:


Yes my buddy is sending my snapchats. There currently are having bad weather.! He just got done with is flying Job there. He says there having 50-50 mph winds and lots of thunder and lighting. It’s a known weather pattern I think called Haboob

I took off from RJAA just currently and I would so love to land in that 😂 I though Tokyo was a bit bad today.

My grandparents were there not too long ago. There was a dust storm… Possibly its one of these?

It’s monsoon season, and it’s in full swing. If you check last night then you would have seen some crazy weather. It’s also the only time we will see rain.

Oooofff, the A321 does not like this. Getting tossed around…hard.

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I was inbound from Charlotte and did not attempt a second try, there is no way to get it down realistically

Go check out Tokyo
Typhoon is or was there

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