Extreme Winds at Cruising Altitude

I’m Having strange issues with flying online and hitting uncommon crosswinds , such as 118kts crosswind about 26,000ft, no matter the directed i take or head, I’m flying routes and directions planes are flying at Live but my plane is just getting tossed around and it doesn’t seam to be real, am i missing something?

The weather data in IF is taken from real world weather stations I believe. The data is pretty spot on for winds. You probably are just hitting turbulence

118KTS sounds normal. In the area your flying in, there could be some clear air turbulence or a storm. I recommend checking Skyvector.com for information on turbulence and Windy.com for winds.

Check out windy.com

Or windy.com

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You could be flying in a jet stream. Check windy.com for more info as others have stated above.

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