Extreme Wind Speeds


Me and my sister were taking a flight on TS1 on approach into KSAN Descending 6000 to 3000, 104 knot winds hit her and she got 2 Speed violations.
I got this too just after her, she stalled out as well as me… Is this a glitch or is it real weather, please help as these 2 violations are really annoying.

Thanks, Maks…

Check the weather there, it might be real weather


You get speed violations for airspeed, not ground speed. The weather is probably a result of incorrect reporting at a weather station.

IF gets weather from offical METARs, but occasionally either IF imports them wrong or the METARs themselves are wrong. When this happens winds and/or temperatures go unrealistically high (or low for temps). It normally resolves itself when METARs refresh on the hour


Thanks, the violations were for IAS…

Mostly likely METARs not responding well.

If you look at the picture, the wind does not go pass 50km/h.

Maybe Tyler or Marc ( if they are nice enough ) remove your violations :)


This is why I hate METAR’s and TAF’s…

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