Extreme weather today in Dubai…

400m visibility today in Dubai due to sand storm…
I can’t go anywhere outside without eating sands so why not stay inside flying with Dreamliner to escape the sandstorm?


Plane type: Air China Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Photo taken: 14/8/2022


What is the weather

I mean the gusting wind velocity temprature and so on

True im ryt there at the moment…its hectic cant taxi yet …

you guys don’t eat sand?

Yes it’s just a joke why would anyone eat sand?? Only if they are gone mad they will eat sand

Its delicious you need to try it

I am eating it in my breakfast tommorow I believe you it’s gonna be delicious some. Tommorow I will have a airplane model and on top of that there will be sand and all covered by cotton candy… it will be delicious to eat. Yummy

Hopefully this weather will pass, I’m flying back home to Dubai on the morning of the 19th. 😅