extreme ultra super-late braking

This is one of the Kerbal manoeuvre that can be performed in real life and infinite flight. Basically you maintain high speed until the last moment and you get into landing configuration by dumping flaps and gear. In rockets it can reduce your dV to minimum to save fuel, is it safe? Yes, Is it risky? Yes. I am doing this in my F-14 and it works, anyone interested in trying it out?

Dark title imo


it’s called suicide burn in rocketry, so I named it like this. :)

Give it a go on casual and let us know how you get on! On TS or ES it might been seen as aerobatics and gain you a few violations!

Might want to amend the title to something less risky;-)

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It works on me both in IF and real life. And yeah, that’s why Space X calls it hover slam for PR reasons

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Great stuff, will have to give it a go! Love the amended title as well! :-) w

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DDD my car is fantasy LOL

Exactly how fast are you talking? Isn’t there a maximum speed that your are able to deploy gear (IRL obviously)?

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yes. for airliner would start from 250, for F-14 would be 270 to 130 in 3 miles or less.

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If you can send your flight recording in this thread so we can see would be great :)

sure. I have class soon so let me edit it a bit later.

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I didn’t know this was an actual technique, but I’ve been doing it in the F-22 for some time. So much fun! It’s amazing how late you can execute this technique and still land “safely”.

Yes Southwest pilots did them and Ryanair the landing yesterday.

In real life, I’m pretty sure flaps are only able to withstand up to a certain speed before it becomes unsafe, at least with airliners and GA aircraft. I’m not so sure about fighter jets though…
However, I still find it interesting that you’re bringing Kerbal techniques into IF. Never thought about trying a suicide burn-like maneuver in a jet. :)

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Fighters have huge airbrakes to extend and then let flaps take over at low speeds.

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Some times airline pilots will be going quick, then get on the brakes quick, but I dont think they do exactly this

Better do a barrel roll to kill that airspeed.
Flaps can break IRL and I don’t think those gear will be alright if down faster than 250kias

Spoilers should help a bit.

they just did it to me yesterday

I got the footage, it was a bad demonstration but it really shows how the plane can slow down.