Extreme turbulence

Hi! I want to discuss one thing. During the flight i always experience extreme turbulence. It does not lead no any crash or like that but still its uncomfortable to fly with it. I had a flight from london to dublin and 50 minutes journey became so uncomfortable. I dont think its realistic ??

It’s based on real life data on the multiplayer servers, so the flight level and region you’re flying in are most likely quite turbulent then.

If you’re not on Multiplayer, it’s something you can adjust via the pause menu and Weather settings :)

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Ok i understand so it means that in real life such turbulence exists… yes?

Over the UK it’s quite a lot right now according to the data I’m looking at.


It is very windy in the UK right now. I live in the North East of England and the wind is around 50mph. So, if you’re flying throughout the UK then you’re most likely going to encounter some turbulence. And, as Schyllberg mentioned, it is based off real data! Which makes the multiplayer experience even more realistic and enjoyable!😃


Thanks for answering. I understand the point.

Yes it is. Thanks for answering. I understand the point.