Extreme Turbulence

Have you ever experienced extreme turbulence on IF, how bad was it?


My worst experience probably was 140kts during a hurricane. The rest of the winds and clouds were still going North from Florida and my flight was diverted to KORF

Scary stuff lol

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Yes. It can get pretty bad, just like in the real world. I don’t actually know to what degree real world turbulence weather info makes it to IF
Yesterday around the KLAS airports there appeared to be turbulence and it made landings hard. I had quite a few go-arounds.

I never get air sickness in IF though, that’s the cool part.


Once had 999kts in an XCub, but we don’t talk about that…


Flying over the Atlantic with 200+ mph tailwinds. ORD - FRA in a 748 and got there in 6 hours.

…? I’m sorry but WHAT!!!

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Was this on solo 😂

No, it was live. I don’t think you can actually turn the winds up that high I solo.

Fam I don’t even know what to tell you but I hope you made it

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I didn’t |:-(

😢 sad face :(

Was it a glitch? Pretty sure it is lol.

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I think you can turn up turbulence to be pretty intense regardless of wind speed

Yeah, it was a weather glitch but wind nonetheless 😂

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I cannot recall a spicific experience but, I have flown in 100+ knot winds before in a light A320

The burmuda triangle is quite bad

Well, worst time was a little something like this:
Flying an ERJ190 into AMS on the Expert server. I’m pretty sure it was the hub airport for that day so it was busy. 1/4 mile visibility, 35KT crosswinds at the GROUND. At about 3000AGL winds were up to 50 KTS. Super heavy turbulence. Had 3 go around before I finally put it down. That airport was a mess that day


It coulda been the jet stream… if you were right around 36000 feet on a bad day I’d believe you!

50knt max on solo

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No it’s 98kts, you can do gusts up to 48kts.