Extreme Turbulence

This photo was taken during my ongoing flight from KJFK to EGLL. When the photo was taken I was just over Halifax, nearly on my way over the Atlantic.

This was on the Expert server, Boeing 777 (Emirates livery).


Luckily it was a tailwind - I’m getting about 570 knots G/S because of it. It should nicely move me along. But alas, it’s rocking the plane back and forth and it’s safe to say that the seat belt sign should be on…

Edit: it’s gone up to 101 knots tailwind… preparing to crash and die soon.


Across the world, there are massive gusts of winds, which is how the clouds revolve around the world, and get America’s hurricanes to European thunderstorms, and also why flights
flying west take longer than East. Usually over the Atlantic ocean over Canada where you were, is covered with heavy winds… I’ve experienced 125 knots over here before, the ground speed was great though 😂

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Haha I personally love when into those heavy tailwinds. It make me feels the air going through my aircraft 🤷🏼‍♂️ A long haul without it would be boring! But I hope you had a nice flight as well as a safe and smooth landing.

I got a tailwind of 114 knots last night during my long haul. The most wind I’ve got was 160 knots. It’s only fun if they are tailwinds…😳

During the terrible weather issues, I had a 186 kt headwind in a 787-9. Wings were havin a seizure😂


Oh Jesus 😂 I wonder what the record is!

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Thank you, I’ve got about 3 hours left though. I’m hoping heathrow isn’t too busy/windy.

Turbulence is not necessarily happening with those strong winds, sometimes you get lucky and have a smooth ride with strong tailwinds.

Still I can imagine the Jetstream was a bit bumpy as it’s said to be often!

@MrMrMan and I had 90kt crosswinds while trying to do some AAR. Ended up turning so it was a tailwind, but the KC10’s wingflex looked pristine.

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I’ve gotten 210 in a 777 from tokyo 😬😬

I had a 120kts headwind yesterday over the Atlantic

When I got 180KT I returned to the airport because of multiple injuries


I once encountered 197kt crosswinds in a 737 at FL380 over Eastern Australia.

Lets just say…it was a very quick descent to FL300

Well… my plane was rocking back and forth which is definitely a sign of turbulence.

I was doing a FNF long haul to chicago

We should make a thread of “Windy flight stories”

You’ll be pleased to hear it’s currently

Wind 220° 8kt, varying from 150° to 250°. Visibility 10km or more, Clouds Few at 3,500ft

Safe landing!


The strongest tailwind I’ve had was 156 knots.

Yes, you encountered turbulence undoubtedly. I just wanted to clarify that strong winds do not necessarily lead to turbulence…

Sounds good, thank you.