Extreme Tailwind

Ok, I’m en route to Toronto from Chicago at FL300 and there is a 150 kt tailwind! Great way to make up time and arrive early, but, the poor people on my plane are having a bumper car ride right now!

Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 5.10.47 PM


150kt tailwind is a little high but it’s normal; I’m just confused for the need of this topic?


I have never had a tailwind that strong before and I thought I would share it!


I taked a head wind today at 130 kts, my flight get very later! The 737 almost dismounted lol

I had a 100 knot head wind once in a 737 it was crazy

Had 165kts tailwind over northern Michigan today! Whats funny is the wind had been only 1-4kts and within 2 minutes its 165!

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Yes, I was flying from Toronto to Ottawa just a few minutes ago. My plane was definitely shaking abmormally.

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Wow, that’s a lot of wind. I had 93 knots in a
dash-8, pretty sure the passengers weren’t too happy 😬😂

Same here. I was flying from Vancouver to Toronto on the 777 and it was a very shaky ride for a good hour.

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Yeah winds are crazy, got up to over 600 kts GS in a 737 earlier before even reaching cruise.

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I’ve gotten 200+ after departing Japan and going east towards America, those tailwinds are always amazing!!


Hold onto your wigs


I had a 120kts Crosswind once in a TBM, that was shaky tbh


Faced same strong tailwind yesterday was flying from Toronto to Cairo and i had 135kts and i was a little bumpy.

Of course 😂

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happened to me last night from Paris to Vancouver i had 166 kts tailwind lol in a 777W

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Wigs lolololol

it was so windy i thought my 737 was gonna crash.

its kinda out of the norm but its not extreme, ive had an 168KT crosswind at cruise before, and an 133KT direct tailwind IRL once, its probably creating more bumps because its also a crosswind.

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