Extreme Server Lag!

Sorry if this is a duplicate but I just want to let you know I’m also having problems with servers! I was doing ATC on TS1 as FlightPilotsNZ and all the aircraft keep having connection issues! This has never happened to me before. I know it could possibly be my network that has great connection and open NAT type. But I was just checking if there was a server problem or something like that!

Thank you

It’s a server problem it has been happening for at least a week, my advice play on expert server if you can

What grade?

3+ to get on

I’m grade 2

Oh okay then.

I don’t have any troubles with TS1,

Could it be your device that can’t handle the textures or all of the aircrafts?

Or you can play on the casual server , make sure to look for similar threads before posting as this is the third one reporting this issue :)

Nope iPad Mini 3 With Retina Display

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