Extreme rocking/bouncing aircraft

Hello, IF. I’ve been doing a few flights and I have been noticing a lot of bouncing and rocking it is on every aircraft I fly no matter where in the world I am to it still happens. Any suggestions to make it stop?


We need more info, does it happen when landing, taking off, cruise, extending or retracting flaps?
I know the rocking happens when extending the flaps.

Happens as soon as you lift off to the time you land

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Also another important thing is every aircraft it happens on i use to be grade 4 but took a break and came back and this is now happening

Well, it’s not because of your grade…

Can you share a screenshot of your weight, speed and altitude? That may be your issue.

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Here my weight is set to normal for a 757 before takeoff me speed is 240KTS below 10,000 and above it goes to .84

What server? Sometimes when I go to test something out on solo, the winds are extremely high for some reason and I have to remember to adjust them. On the other servers my plane rocks at cruise in high winds, but it’s kind of random. Flying the same heading, with the same wind direction, my plane was rocking very noticeably with a 118kt tailwind, but it’s steady now and the wind is 131kts.

What’s your cruise speed and at what altitude? Sometimes the bouncing is caused by a too heavy aircraft with a too low speed at a really high altitude.


.82 speed like but it still bounces no matter what

Did you pay for the smooth ride option?


Yea so I’m on training it happend on casual to

Hey, this is pretty normal. Many places across the world have a lot of turbulence, regardless of location. To plan your flights to try to avoid turbulence, I would check out Windy.com. You can see wind charts for any altitude across the world. :)

Also it happens after I go above 12,000 now

This has been happening to me as well no matter what aircraft what region or airport my planes bounces rapidly I tried everything to make it stop and it’s annoying lol

It’s Infinite Flight’s very unrealistic version of turbulence lol

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Its your speed and weight most likely. Your probably are too slow for the weight of the aircraft.

Might be turbulence. Descend to a lower altitude if necessary.

Try not to go above 39000ft on the 757 and 41000 for the 788, 789 and 359.

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