Extreme Panning Hit Rate 1%

Visited PHX to try extreme and subtle pan. I’ll definitely be using this experience to improve on future sessions. I’m pleased with about two of them.

Almost got this one. The plane is a little blurry.

1/50 Shutter. About as good as I could hit them. Camera shake is killing me.

Another 1/50

1/200 here…

Another 1/200

For some reason the SWA seems to come out less blurry 🤷

Other side of T4 parking garage.

A few smokies…

He’s got a plane to fly but he can’t stop playing IF!

How do they look to you guys?


Great photos! Love the effect!


What camera do you use?

Nikon D3500 with the 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3

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I can’t pan no matter how hard I try 😭


crazy good shots especially since you panned them, nice job

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Thanks, your next. Let’s see some 1/50 shutter action out of that camera of yours.

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If I can do it, so can you. It takes time and patience.

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I can never keep my hands steady enough lol do you freehand or use a tripod

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I have a tripod but I haven’t used it yet. There all freehand which is one of the reasons their not coming out better.

Maybe try with birds or park near a freeway and practice on vehicles at varying distances using different shutters speeds. Try not to repeat bad habits.

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Nice shots! Always love the panning effect. Nice job!

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Thank you!

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What I’ve learned is that panning and hand steadiness do not correlate (unless you’re trying for something really brave like 1/8 or something). Your ability to pan mostly comes down to how well you can predict where a plane will be. Yes, some people are better than others but this can be trained. When you’re rotating from your hips for a pan, it’s fairly easy to keep the camera level on the y axis. What’s difficult is following the plane on the x axis. Also, if your lens has image stabilization make sure it’s not the intrusive kind (4-axis), because this will ruin your pans. With enough practice, most people can train a hit rate on 1/60 high enough to almost guarantee a keeper per plane.


Good info, thanks for that.

If all were equal do you think using a tripod I would have had a better image with the SWA 1/50 shot more in focus?

Also is it better to avoid afternoon pan shots cause of the positioning of the sun?

Nah, honestly I think tripods are pretty detrimental to these mid-range pans (like 1/20-1/60). When you use a tripod you have to kind of walk around it because of the pivot point which makes tracking difficult. The average human can definitely hold a 1/20 or whatever steady with a little practice so it’s just about tracking, something which is easier if you have free movement of your hips. Same reason why panning through a fence is annoying.

I’m confused as to why the positioning of the sun would matter. I’m going to assume you mean at that specific spot which is presumably backlit in the afternoon. In that case, yes, not only should you avoid pan shots but you should avoid all shots and go find a spot on the other side. If you mean in general, nah afternoon pan shots are fine.

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Thanks a lot @AndrewWu @Alaska170 🙏

I’ll have to try those tips out soon