Extreme Lag

Whats the point of playing Infinite Flight when It’s extremely laggy and my device always crashes. All my graphics are on low, airplane count is on low, all other applications are shut and I always restart my device. Instead of FDS adding new aircraft and livery’s, make new updates to reduce lag and stop crashing. I’ve spent roughly about £78.00 and I can’t enjoy anything.


What device are you using? :o

Philippe the developer has already explained that the next update is on some performance improvements

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Ipad mini 4


I have the same device … I can’t play IF either …

With A8 processor, it should not lag . do you have limit frame rate on and anti alaising on ?

Is your device jailbroken or using beta software

Hmm thats strange. what iOS version are you useing ?

Matt said it Himself that performance issue will be improved in the upcoming update so don’t give up

It is not advised to have “Limit Frame Rate” to “Off” as it will use more battery.

Rendering many high polygon aircraft on a mobile device is not easy to do at a perfect 60 or even 30fps (even desktop simulators have trouble). That being said I am surprised that it lags on an iPad Mini 4 with everything on low (are you sure aircraft and water quality are set to “low” as well?).

As @LtMerlin mentioned, we spent a lot of time on performance improvement for the upcoming release. Our goal is to reach a more stable framerate at all times. It might not solve all issues, but it should definitely be better.


Did it help, then you put Limit framerate on ? 😊

I have noticed that I may have everything on full and there’s no lags on Solo Mode.
Lags are occuring on Live only for some reason. It doesn’t seem like other aircraft’s rendering though because:

  1. Other aircraft are low quality textures if you look close up.
  2. you don’t have visual with many aircrafts on live because they’re rendered only when really close (e.g you’re in the same airport).

I think that Live lags are network related. Correct me if that’s totally not the case.

My device: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

Try turning the airplane count to Low…that might help…it did for me

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