Extreme lag

Ok this lag I’m having is stressing me out I tried to clear cache that didn’t work, I lowered graphics, didn’t work either, reinstalling the app did not work. Now I’m a goner with IF. SEND HELP!!


Ok, what device are you using?

iPhone 6S and it’s a year old

Do you have a strong internet connection?

Yes I was connected to a 5G next to my router

Hence there were no apps open

How much memory do you have left on your device?

No idea my dude but I know storage is almost full and I can’t delete anything because I have important things


So first of all, try to delete some stuff, maybe you have unnecessary things that you can get rid of by also doing this:
Settings > General > iPhone Storage to see what you can have iOS 11 do automatically to free up space.

Other steps:

  • Reset all settings: General > Reset > Reset All Settings
  • Switch to low power mode and see if IF runs a bit smoother after that.

@TheOrca_YT The more memory you free up on your phone the smoother IF will run

Like I said there are things that are important I need and I don’t want to delete them

Is there any possible way for you to transfer/export those “Important Things” to a external hard drive or a computer or do have to have them with you all time in your phone?

If you can’t clear up some memory then I’m afraid you will remain a goner. To fix the problem you need memory space and being unwilling/unable to free up some memory results in IF requirements not being met dude.

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The only device I use is two old iPhone 6s’, so it has to be one of the things mentioned above.

To better enhance performance I would also suggest going to get your device’s battery replaced. It can save old devices. Read these two links for more details.

How to get your battery replaced: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/apple-iphone-battery-replacement-program,news-26330.html

Why you should replace your battery: https://www.theverge.com/2018/3/1/17066242/iphone-battery-replacement-slowing-old-phones-waste-repair

No I don’t have a drive to store of I had a iPhone/USB storage (new invention)

I offloaded a few apps and it freed only 1 G and I don’t think that’s enough

There are many “hidden” ways to lower your storage.

Here are some basic ones: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/tricks-to-free-up-space-on-your-iphone/

There are plenty more though, being a storage hoarder has drawbacks.

It can vary from these things. Your device, device age, WiFi connection, Your area you live in, your RAM and your internal storage. Check all those and make sure it meets with Infinite flights requirements

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How much free storage space do you have?
Does the lag happen with all planes or just specific ones?
Does it matter what view you are in?
Does it happen in solo mode?
Does it happen in live at an airport with no planes?
Do you have a video of the lag so we can see?

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No I don’t have a vid
It doesent affect solo that much
It lags a lot when a lot of players are around in online
And infinite Flight is the biggest one to take up half of my entire storage