Extreme lag spike

I just experienced extreme lag during flying in Hawaii (B742). There were no many other players but my frame rate dropped to about 1 or 2 per sec. I was using cellular, and my cellular is pretty slowm but it felt as if IF was lagging.
I tried to send the log but IF crashed before I could. But I think you should have gotten the crash log.

Iphone 5
ios 8.4.1

Upgrade to the latest iOS version for best performance. Restart the device often and avoid running multiple apps.
If lag continues after all that, check your network and try restarting the router and modem. Lowering graphics quality settings as well as “show aircraft count live” can help.

Another thing you can do is not play IF for at least 24hs. It has always worked for me.

Thanks David, but this topic was actually a report and not intended to be in this category but another one. But some mod decided to just move it…

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