Extreme Frame Drop

I have been having extreme frame drops since the 21.01 Update even after keeping the graphics to low, I don’t know why this is happening,this is happening during descent,approach and taxi,kindly help me. Device-iPhone 12 Pro Max (iOS14.5.1) Infinite Flight 21.01

21.1 is running smooth on my Pro Max. Recommend switching your frame rate to 30fps first and be sure to restart your device before starting a flight. You should be able to run everything on high too.


Hey There 👋,thanks for your recommendation but I’ve already limited the FPS to 30 still I’m getting this problem I didn’t know why,I’ll try restarting my device before doing my flight Tonight and see if the issue persists!.

Running smooth on my end and I just have the ordinary iPhone 12. Your not playing Infinite Flight on a low battery % perhaps less than 30%?

No It was around 80-85 %

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That’s strange. Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your full settings for graphics?

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Sure,just A moment

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Here it is

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Try switching off anti aliasing. Everything else looks good, I always had anti aliasing off and when I turn it on I see the app’s frames drop.

Okay,I’ll try and let you know later,Thanks

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No problem. Hopefully your issue is resolved because I know it’s not great when you have to deal with low frames especially when your trying to enjoy a new huge update :)

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