Extreme fps problems

Hello you guys,
Im really frustrated. Im having extreme fps problems running infinite flight. I have got a samsung galaxy s8 plus, but it can only handle medium settings without antialiasing at about 20 fps. This cant be it right? I have no fps limit activated. I need help.

I had that problem on my S8 too and you are right, it should handle IF at max graphics.
I solved this issue by doing a factory reset, but before you do that, reinstall IF and restart your device. Also make sure that you start IF with the Game Launcher from Samsung.


Is it a US/PRC or EMEA(rest of world) version.
Then, download throttle check. This will allow you to see if your processors are functioning properly.

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“Throttle check” is the name of the App ?

Whoops. Its called CPU throttling test

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Thanxs. I will Test my S8+

The main issue with the US Variant of the s8 is the chip.
Samsung’s Exynos chips don’t have very good multi core performance, something that is needed when playing IF. As @Starley said, perhaps a factory reset will do the job. Otherwise, chances are you have too many apps on your device, or not enough free ram to support IF efficiently.
Otherwise, there is little that can be done to fix worn professors

OKay, just finished a 1 Minute test with the result:

Max 100,904 GIPS - Avg 93,437 GIPS - Min 85,566 GIPS

And you ?

Im from germany, I don’t know which version my mobile is.

I had the same problem yesterday, fixed itself after restarting.

iPhone 6s
iOS 11.2.6

I know this was solved just reporting my experience as well.

I have a german Galaxy s8+

Then you have the Exynos version, which I have got too. As I said, a factory reset should fix it.

I can speak German, if you want to take it to a PM then feel free to do it! :)

Ok. Use CPu throttling check and post a screenshot. It still demonstrate if your model had a defect, which a reset cannot fix.

I have an LG K20 and it does not have the best processors but I run IF virtually flawless. I constantly clean out my device though and have a solid connection that is the key in my opinion.

Could you check what display setting you have your screen on?
The s8 by default is shipped with the standard 1080p resolution, however in the settings you can upscale this to 1440p.
Having your screen set at a higher resolution places more strain on the GPU and CPU. If you have this toned up, perhaps consider reducing it back down.

In respect to the CPU throttling test, expect your results to average around this;
MAX; 100,000
AVG; 90,000
MIN; 80,000

If your numbers are severely different to that, it shows your processor is the issue.

German Translation

Könnten Sie überprüfen, auf welcher Bildschirmeinstellung Sie Ihren Bildschirm haben? Das s8 wird standardmäßig mit der Standardauflösung von 1080p ausgeliefert, in den Einstellungen können Sie dies jedoch auf 1440p hochskalieren. Wenn Ihr Bildschirm auf eine höhere Auflösung eingestellt ist, werden die GPU und die CPU stärker belastet. Wenn Sie dies durchtrainiert haben, sollten Sie es vielleicht reduzieren. In Bezug auf den CPU-Throttling-Test sollten Sie mit durchschnittlichen Ergebnissen rechnen.
MAX; 100.000
AVG; 90.000
MINDEST; 80.000

Ich hoffe, das übersetzt sich richtig 😁

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Here’s the screenshot m8.

Thank you for your answer. I’m acutally able to speak english good enough to understand everything:D My results were:
MAX: 93,6
AVG: 85,5
MIN: 79,7

Your numbers are pretty standard, nothing to report there.
Sadly I think it’s the factory reset that needs to be tried.

Outta ideas m8

Did you press start test?

Have you turned off the mini map?
I get fps problems when its on.