[Extreme Double Typhoon] Windy Day @ South Korea & Japan!

Welcome to this temporary Typhoon Soulik tracker thread.
It is almost the end of the East Asian typhoon season, and there is an immense one coming towards the Korean peninsula. It is expected to be bigger than the Typhoon Maemi, which left a devastating chaos in the Korean Peninsula. Enjoy the lovely summer typhoon!
I wish you a safe flight!

(expected path of the typhoon)

(current location of the typhoon; Spawn at RKPC/Jeju now for a fun flight!)

(aftermath of typhoon maemi, 2003) the current typhoon is expected to be bigger than this.


Current Location of Typhoon : https://www.windy.com/?33.055,127.573,7

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Please put this into the #real-world-aviation category. :)

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No it’s hurricane hunting event on short notice, this can either be here or #live:events.

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Suggested Airports

  1. [current] 23:30 KST, 7:30PST, 8:30MDT, 10:30 EST ; RKPC, RKPD
  2. [estimated] Aug 23th in Korea. 03:00 KST, 11:00PST, 12:00MDT, 14:00EST ; RKJM, RKJB, RKJJ
  3. [estimated] Aug 23th in Korea. 16:00 KST, 24:00PST, 01:00MDT, 03:00EST ; RKSI, RKSS, RKSO
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No. All events are placed in the #live:events category. Live is not allowed.

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Alright so @Flying-infinite please put this into the #live:events category.

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K. Thanks for the help. Safe flights!

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image image


FYI - we do allow for these kind of topics if the weather is a bit extreme. Can be quite fun to hop on the C208 and do a few patterns in these areas :)


It seems like the typhoon is a bit slower than we expected.
[current] 12:00 KST, 20:00 PST, 21:00 MDT, 23:00 EST ; RKPC,RKPD
[estimated] 21:00 JST, 05:00PST, 06:00 MDT, 08:00 EST ;RJBB- RKPC (recommended route, takes approx: 1hour)
[estimated] 00:00 KST, 08:00PST, 09:00MDT, 11:00 EST ; RKJY- RKPC (recommended route, takes approx: 20min)

And it seems like we got a stronger typhoon near Japan. It is expected to cross the city of Osaka after a few more hours.

(Current Location of Typhoon)
But since there are no airports nearby the typhoon, you have to wait a few more hours until it reaches Osaka (RJBB)

It’s already started to rain around in my area,and I forgot to put in the laundry…

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