Extreme crosswind landings @ Amsterdam

Wrestling the controls of several airliners during a very stormy and windy day at Amsterdam!

  1. KLM Boeing 737-700
  2. British Airways Airbus A321
  3. Qatar Airways Airbus A380

Wind 138° at 40 knots gusting to 49 knots. Landing on Runway 18C. Turbulence set to Extreme.

Inspired by the BIG JET TV live stream of Storm Eunice at London Heathrow in February!


Really nice video ! I hope the A380 will be updated soon, there isn’t wing flex unlike the other aircrafts that are in the video.


The wingflex in replay is always so exaggerated for no reason lmao


Wow great vid! Just wondering… why do you have your parking brake on?

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Easy son’ easy 'easy whooa!! Nice vid.

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When I performed the landings in this video, I was still on the older version of IF, before the autobrake feature was introduced. I normally used the parking brake as a substitute to the autobrake (admittedly dangerous and unacceptable in real life).

Really hope so too! It’s an amazing aircraft that ignited my love for aviation. Glad to see the A380 rework proposal getting so much support.


He sure does his planespotting commentary in a unique and entertaining way!

Indeed, it’s something the devs can perhaps fine tune

Hey nice one ! I remember seeing that stream , challenging conditions for sure 👌👌

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I watched it live too!

Great video! Love seeing these!

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I remember watching that - Make sure to get your planes ‘tippy toes’ down! Go on!

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Glad so many here did. Will make more stormy crosswind videos in the future.

Fair play mate, fair play!

Ideally we can land smoothly yet safely in such challenging conditions. Practice makes perfect👌

Last time I tried heavy wind and turbulence landing…