Extreme cockpit lag

This is stressing me out. I’ve done every thing available to try to fix it, but it just IS NOT working.

Every single cockpit. Lag everywhere. Limit frame rate on and off. All settings lowered. It’s EVeRYWHERE, regardless of the plane.

Iphone7, 13 GB left, rebooted, Cleared RAM, everything. Reinstalled. Nothing works, so whats the problem?


What does scenery have to do with lag inside the cockpit?


Scenery can clog of storage, which can in turn cause lag.

OP says he has more than 10GB left, it (storage) shouldn’t cause an issue

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Phones and devices get downgraded over time by their respective makers. You may be experiencing this downgrade as newer models of devices are released.


Yeah, the same happened to me and my iPotato 5. However, the iPhone 7 is fairly recent, only being 3 phones behind (since there was no iPhone 9). So it could be your IP cutting down on bandwidth, or could be an unknown glitch.


Yes, I did.

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Could the stuttering and lag be caused by loading scenery? I’m fairly new to the game and haven’t flown across too many places.

It could be possible as we recently got new HD scenery. I would contact a staff member, most likely @schyllberg to discuss with him. I have never had this problem with this new phone so I could not help you any further. My apologies.

I have an iPhone 7 as well and this happens to me from time to time. Usually because I have battery saver on. Just turn it off and it should run fine.

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Hey there. Just generally curious, what version of IOS do you currently have on your iPhone 7? Does this lag occur on other applications as well, or just Infinite Flight?


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