Extreme ATC'ing at KSAN

Second day of Live+ was also extreme. I don’t like piloting at Live+, so the only option was to be an ATC.

I was ATC’ing at KSAN and there was an extreme cluster of aircraft but I had to go eat.

Later I came back and after a few minutes, there came another big cluster - 5 aircraft in-line, 5 landing. I was able to handle it but sometimes this happened - I request immidiate takeoff and they take a minute or two, and then a plane lands on top of another plane, not responding to my go around request.

Overall these two days, PG wasn’t so bad aš almost everyone describes. Sometimes people disobey rules and request to HOLD SHORT but it was good.

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I actually have bad luck with approaches to KSAN.Everytime I have to go around on final.


I suggest becoming an IFATC. (When you become 14)

Until then, I suggest controlling in paid regions on PG. People in paid regions tend to listen better.


Yeah, I choose SoCal. For me, it is too hard to control super busy airports.

If you describe that as being good, then I guess so. You’ll see much worse, trust me. Just keep controlling.

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Also, KLAX and KSAN (and KNUC) are the busiest airports on the playground.

I mean, rule disobeying iš not good but compare to other people complaints it isn’t that bad.

KLAX and KNUC are hard for me but KSAN sometimes iš but not that hard.

Haha sadly this is true… The worst has yet to come. The best thing to do is to just ignore those that aren’t listening.


Agreed. 👍


Great to read your passion about controlling! Keep it up and don’t get demotivated by bad behaving pilots. You just do the best job you can, read and view the tutorials and keep going. We need entousiatic people like you!!

See you on Advanced some day! ;-)

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