Extreme around the world tour

Hey there IFC,
I am going to fly all over the world from my home airport. If anyone would like to join me please send me a personal message. I did not put this in the events category since I don’t have the required trust level. So if anyone wants to fly to the world’s most beautiful places and airports, please send me a personal message. Today, I will be flying from Montreal to Halifax. (CYUL - CYHZ). I will be flying on the casual server.
See you there!

This topic should be on #live:events, you are not TL2. Keep liking, keep posting, stay active and you will be TL2 in no time.

Sounds like a plan!

Perhaps you can add more details, such as the airports and routes you are planning to fly, and the aircraft types.

Have fun! 😊

So you wanna join me?

Do you want to fly with me?

This isn’t an event! He is going around the world and updating as he goes along. A lot of members to this including me

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