Extreme Approaches #1 at Sion @ LSGS - 201230ZMAY18

LordDanz Presents: Extreme Approaches #1 at Sion, Switzerland


Extreme Approaches is a new Series of Events, we will be hosting once per month. Extreme Landings will be full of fun, challenging and breathtaking approaches. Make sure to sign up!

Server: Training

Region: Swiss Alps

Airport: LSGS

Time: 1230Z

NOTAM: Anyone can join! There’s no need to reserve any Gate. Just add a Reply saying that you will participate and you will be entitled to a personal Callsign. OPERATED IN A318, A319, Cessna 172, Cessna Caravan and Cirrus ONLY.


EXLIF = @LordDanz [LEADER]
EXL01 = @CaptAwesomeAaron (Maybe)
EXL278 = @flyme2bluemoon


I may or may not be able to join as I have to use my friend’s device and for me this is 7:30AM. But I may show up as N221AC with the Cessna or A318

Thanks! I’ll put you up as a Maybe! Please use the Callsign EXL01

Roger that! Hope to see you there, this looks fun!

Ok I can use that callsign

most likely unless i sleep in. EXL278

Ah that would be so cool to attend… I was there many times in real life… Actually not sure if I can due to work…

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Well make sure to tell me if you can make it!

Defenitely will do that :)

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Just try to make it ;)

Starting in a few days!!! Make sure to sign up if you haven’t already!!!

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