Extreme approach

Concerning Lugano (LSZA): This is a short yet stunning video showing the scenic approach with a descent angle of 6.65°. During the video there is a picture shown, on which the part betwwen 3’100 ft and 1’900 ft AMSL has to be flown at a 10° angle.


KASE is always a fun one

LESU is cool for GA fans (Andorra). Worth trying!

EGLL on training server?


I would say SEQM, Quito Airport; or SLLP, El Alto Airport; both are hot-and-high and smack-dab in ther middle of the Andes.

Love that approach

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The most extreme and fun approach I have ever done has to be Innsbruck using RNP Y for runway 8.

Page 32/39

Calvi (LFKC, northern Corsica), RWY 36 is one of the most technical

Innsbruck, it is tough for people who leave autopilot on until final.

Paro Bhutan
here is a link for an approach tutorial for runway 15.

Rio de Janiero Santos Dumont Airport 02R is quite tough!

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I love flying Funchal

My first landing gear involved my three landing gear touching down at three different times :D


That applies to me alot. We gotta give props the the IRL Bhutanese pilots since they have skill and balls of steel.

Sannen, Gstaad (LSGK)

Gstaad, known for its famous part-time residents and vacationers, features one of my favorite extreme approaches. The airport is located at 3284 ft in a tight valley with mountains in every direction. The high altitude presupposes a takeoff and climb performance calculation. Most of the time runway 26 is in use forcing aircraft to fly a circling approach, which does not lead through the same valley. Below you will find two incredible pictures and a Youtube video showing a Dassault Falcon 7X landing on the unusual runway 08.

Approach Plate





I would recommend KLAX on CS. Try and avoid some large flying pieces of metal.

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Hello folks

Please only post charts along with the link that you got them from, only post free to the public charts. Please update any posts with the source to prevent us from sharing copyrighted information.



You should try MHTG, Innsbruck is easy in my eyes.


Aighty. I’ll try soon.

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