Extreme airport

hello to all ifc users! please tell me some extreme airports around the world, for example, the location of the airport, the length of the runway and all sorts of things

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Lukla is an extreme one, just search it up. Its got an incredibley difficult approach - One end of the short runway is a steep drop, the other end is a steep cliff, so no go arounds!

thanks a lot for the tip! but I already flew around lukla :D

VNKT, you must try this. Mountains all around

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Paro airport in Bhutan is an incredibly hard precision approach and landing, if you want extreme try it out in the A319. 😀

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Quito approach is fun also very scenic approach and u must hand fly around mountains

Queenstown is also a very fun approach and certainly one of the more scenic!


MHTG is one of the hardest approaches I have done especially with bad visibility.


Juneau Alaska is a hard one especially in low visibility you have to fly through a tight valley then bank left for landing on a short runway

I enjoy hand-fly visual approaches, below are some really fun last-minute turn approaches.

VHHX runway 13 visual approach is a fun one

KJFK 13L RNAV approach is also one of my favorite approaches. Details can be found in the youtube video attached below.


tivet has a lot of wind so always expect a hard approach, innsburg (idk i know my spelling mistake but i dont remember the correct name) is rounded of mountains, aspen mountains again, ushuaia, mountains, palonegro, mountains, domount short runway, toncontin hard approach, gilbraltar winds, short runway and a interesting feature with a road crossing the runway, courchevel short runway, mountains, salzburg mountains, Heraklion, hard approach in one of its runway, skardu, in pakistan, extremely hard approach rounded of mountains, in middle of the nothing, no procedures avaliable , only visual, paro, i guess you already know, lukla you also know, Seychelles in africa, an island, interesting approach, osaka old airport, hard approach, hong kong kai tak airport, hard approach, queenstown, hard and beatiful airport…

Those are all the ones I know, I hope it helps you

RPUB, Loakan Baguio City is most difficult airport to land at in the Philippines

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Gibraltar has a really nice approach over the water!